*The Video below is one of my favorites. The students who made it were studying fables and movie making. They wanted to do a project that crossed the curriculum. They made this movie. They showed expertise in both storyboarding and production, and they put forth the message that "sharing is caring" as the moral of the story of their cheese wax sculpting sessions and their friendship. Interest driven project based learning.

Welcome to the Berg's Eye View Teacher Leadership and Collaborative Learning Wiki Space! The goal of this environment is to highlight the great work of TEACHER LEADERS in the Birmingham School District, around the country, and around the world, how that work breaks down into the categories of CONTENT, STRATEGY, and TOOLS, and how it effects STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT AND ATTITUDES TOWARD LEARNING. The Table of Contents (right) is relatively simple. Click on one of the three categories (CONTENT, STRATEGY, or TOOLS) and you will be led to instructional information, research, and various other developmental resources. Click on the 'DEVELOPMENTAL TEAMS' to see all of the above in action. The page is dedicated to looking inside of teachers leaders' planning and implementation of instruction. What works? What challenges exist? How has any given individual or team engaged in development and problem solving?

Below you see the BPS District Framework for Teaching and Learning (the colorful wheel). It's the scaffolding for how this site is being built. The vision of this effort involves keeping the framework in mind and seeking to understand best practices by way of educations most valuable resource...our educators! I believe that professional learning is engaging and exciting when it's driven by the interests, needs, and actions of teachers. As we work to differentiate instruction for classrooms filled with diverse and incredible students, this wiki seeks to assist in differentiating learning for schools and districts filled with diverse and incredible teachers. Through this environment we decide what, how, and when to develop ourselves in the continued direction of excellence in education for our communities!

The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.
- B.B. King

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