Creating QR Codes

Open the Word Doc or Follow the Easy Steps Below

Apps to Download:
RedLaser has been the best barcode scanner that I’ve come across. There are others but this one seems to scan codes that others have trouble with.
QR FlipFlop is a great free QR generator. It’s not perfect but I’ve heard nothing is.

Steps to Create:
When you open QR FlipFlop you will see this screen. Click on the ‘2x’ circle at the bottom to make it full screen. It will not rotate – you have to work vertically. The full screen is a bit fuzzy but I prefer it for ease of typing (and seeing). There are two functions – SCAN and CREATE. Choose CREATE (again, RedLaser seems to be a much better scanner).

These are your options. I suggest that you use either ‘content’ or ‘url.’

‘Content’ allows you to type in the box and create a code that leads to the text. The characters seem to be limited to somewhere in the area of 400 but it’s a clean way to get straight to short a piece of writing.

‘Url’ allows you to type in a web address. The QR code you create will lead to that address. This is the best way to direct your audience to videos, pictures, Power Points, etc. Simply embed your piece in a digital environment (wiki, blog, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) and copy the url to QR FlipFlop.

When you click on ‘create’ your code will appear. Send it to your e-mail, open it on the computer that you’re designing your project in, cut and past – and you’re in business!